Introducing Soundbops

Musical Building Blocks for Children

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Your child's first musical steps

Start with Soundbops.

Meet Soundbops

Soundbops is a colourful system of building blocks that will transform the way your child makes music by enabling hands on play early in their development.

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Play Soundbops

Each colour-coded block, or Bop, is a musical note. Arrange the Bops on the board to play them individually, or stack them to play two or three note chords.

Learn Soundbops

Learn notes, chords and songs. Soundbops is a simple notation system that you can create and recreate again and again. The Soundbops book starts with the basics and expands with your child's confidence and play time.

Connect Soundbops

Discover creative new ways to make music. Connect Soundbops to your iPad or iPhone and control your favourite music creation apps.

User Reviews

'I find it fantastic that you can build the blocks to create a chord and that's such a complicated concept.'

– Anna (Teacher)

'I don't play musical instruments so it's fun to learn and play together as a family.'

– Hailey (Parent)

'I think it's really good because you don't need to take lessons for it.'

– Imogen (Kid)

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