Unlocking the magic of music

Music makes children more mindful, intelligent, social, creative and happy. The earlier a child participates in music, the better. Soundbops is on a mission to transform the way children experience musical instruments for the first time and to lay a foundation for learning through hands-on play.

Powering musical play with Soundbops

Soundbops is an educational musical instrument that enables children as young as 3 to learn and to play music. Soundbops reimagines musical play, combining an intelligent control surface, with colour-coded blocks, or “Bops”, and a printed guidebook. The system starts simply, taking children on a musical journey through colours, sounds and songs, teaching them to play, learn and love music. 

Michael Tougher | Soundbops' Founder

Michael is a design engineer and a musician. He is following a musical dream inspired by his own early experiences, learning from his dad and growing up with a guitar by his side. Michael saw an opportunity to build a musical instrument for young children that would offer an easy, fun and engaging way to learn music and Soundbops was born. Michael is CEO of Soundbops’ parent company Spark & Rocket and has been recognised by the Royal Academy of Engineering as the ‘brightest young engineering entrepreneur’. Spark & Rocket is located in Glasgow, Scotland.