Soundbops is the award-winning INSTRUMENT FOR KIDS

But how did it get to where it is today?

music is our world

We may have mentioned this.

Our aim is to give every child a musical future. We bump into so many parents who regret not being able to play music, and don't want their children to miss out too. And so many kids who love to be musical.

So we’ve developed the easiest (and best) way to learn music early. They'll be playing their first song in a minute. Literally.

Here's michael

Our founder Michael's Dad taught him to play guitar. But he struggled early on, and thought it could be better to learn earlier, before he was big enough to play an instrument. So Michael started work on a foolproof way for children to begin playing from the age of 3. Soundbops was born.

After (a lot of) engineering, building and prototype testing, he had the instrument you see now. Then he built a team, added a complete new way to learn music in digestible stages, and a unique form of easy-to-follow notation. Soundbops was ready to be introduced to the world.

our journey...

We've come a long way from Michael's first experiments with, erm, a cardboard box and some wires and circuit boards. Every prototype has been comprehensively tested, and improvements constantly made to refine and perfect the Soundbops instrument.

The shape has changed, and the control buttons have developed, always from the experiences of our army of testers. We've tested the instrument in families, in 1 to 1 sessions, and in classrooms. We know it will survive the most robust play.


You'll notice that the central, innovative, patent-pending idea has remained the same. An instrument that children can build and play themselves, with colourful notes and a sturdy board. The technology that lets us do this has evolved, too.

Inside the hard-wearing board is our unique technology, a soundboard that produces sound of the quality of an expensive synthesiser, and incredible tech that lets the board recognise the bops and play the right notes, the right chords and the right instrument.

And, coupled with our expertly-designed music course, we have a double win!

Meet the Team

Between us, we can play 18 instruments*, have recorded 73 songs, have invented one entirely new instrument, and can write music, poetry and wrongs. Introducing the Soundbops team:

* including the ten instruments you'll find on Soundbops.

Michael Tougher

Founder and CEO

James Barrett-Bunnage

Head of eCommerce and Marketing

Deni Smith

Head of Music and Education
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