How Soundbops Works

96% of parents want their
child to learn to play music.

54% of children struggle with traditional instruments and with reading music.

Soundbops removes those barriers.

  • Music Made Hard

    This is a traditional keyboard and sheet music. It's incredibly hard for a child to connect the idea of the written notes with the keys played. Imagine being confronted with this at 3 years old.

  • Music Made Easy

    Here is the Soundbops board with the bops for this tune. It's easy to find the bops you need and see what notes they produce. This is Soundbops sheet music for beginners.

  • Chords Made Hard

    This is a C major chord. It is hard for a small hand to stretch to reach all three keys, and harder still to press them all simultaneously. And it's even harder to relate the written notation to the sound made.

  • Chords Made Easy

    This is a C major chord on the Soundbops instrument. The chord is literally built from the three notes. Easy to understand, easy to do and easy to play. And a complex concept readily grasped.

  • 1. Colours & Bops

    We begin by linking the colours of the bops with the colours of the notes.

  • 2. The First Clef

    We move on to the positions of colours and notes on the stave.

  • 3. Treble & Bass

    Adding in the bass clef, we introduce chords, easy to build with Soundbops.

  • 4. Full Notation

    Finally, we combine all we have learned: we can read and play full musical notation.

The Building Blocks of Music

This is a bop. Each bop is a different note.

You put the bop on a tower (any tower) on the Soundbops board. Then press the blue button to play that note.

Each bop is the same colour as the corresponding note on the sheet music. So it's easy to see which bops you need to play a tune, and easy to lay them out on the board. And easy to play them in the right order.

You can stack the bops. You've made a chord which will play all the notes simultaneously. Child's play, really.

Here's What the Player's Say

The best kids’ toys of the year

If you’re looking for something a little livelier, and your child’s a budding rock star, you might want to check out the amazing Soundbops which we included in our round-up of the best toys of 2020.

It’s aimed at three to nine-year-olds and has 10 musical instrument sounds. You can stack the “bops” to make chords and everything comes in a sturdy case to keep it all together.

Our reviewer said this is “a fabulous introduction into the wonderful world of music, parents will also be pleased to know there’s a headphone socket and adjustable volume switch for when jamming sessions reign.”

The Independent, 10th December 2020.

  • Begin with Soundbops...

  • ... learn to read and understand music...

  • ... graduate to a new instrument.

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