Case Study: Nursery School

Grand-Y-Care Academy, Lanark
Pupils aged 3-5
School Manager: Claire Reilly

Traditional v. Technological

Grand-Y-Care Academy is an Early Years learning and childcare provider in Lanark, South Lanarkshire. Soundbops was trialed on two separate days to see how children in an Early Years learning environment would react to the instrument and its supplementary teaching materials.

Created for Kids

Over the course of the two days, different groups of children got the opportunity to test out Soundbops. The instruments’ attractive bright colours and range of sounds attracted the group immediately: “The children were extremely excited and intrigued to explore soundbops.” Claire Reilly, Manager of Grand-Y-Care Academy told us.

More than Music

The children worked individually at the unit, as well as in groups of 3 or 4, trying out different stacking orders for chords and learning songs together. “They particularly enjoyed investigating how to make different sounds by working together using their problem solving and mathematical skills.”

Award-Winning Design

On usability of the product, Claire Reilly mentioned that “The design was attractive yet simple and easy to use.” Soundbops award winning modular nature and bright stacking board are designed to be eye-catching and encourage children to experiment and play with music in a freeing and fun way.

Implementing Music

At the end of the sessions, Claire Reilly felt that Soundbops “is a great way for practitioners to effectively implement music into the ELC setting.” With 10 unique instruments and simplified teaching materials, Soundbops can fit into your lesson plans with ease.