Soundbops in Education

A new approach to learning music, designed for young children aged 3 +

Soundbops in the Classroom
Soundbops in the Classroom
Soundbops in the Classroom

Award-Winning Instrument

Designed specifically for the abilities of young children. Each coloured “bop” represents a different musical note. Enables children to:

  • Play a range of different instruments.
  • Build and learn chords.
  • Experiment and explore music fundamentals.
The Award-winning Soundbops Instrument

Step by Step Music Course

Frere Jacques

Learn to play music

by playing the Soundbops instrument; learning to read and play traditional sheet music; writing original songs and compositions; singing; and, sharing learning and development.

Book 3

Learn about music

by discussing musical differences around the globe; discussing musical developments throughout history; learning about features of different musical genres and styles; and, learning about the music industries.

Music and Emotions

Learn through music

by making connections between music and other curricular areas including languages, mathematics, health and wellbeing, sciences, social studies, technologies, RME and the wider expressive arts

Soundbops in Education

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