What's the right age to start music lessons?

What's the right age to start music lessons?

What's the right age to start music lessons?

The most important thing to bear in mind is not to start too early, nor too late. The sweet spot for a child learning a musical instrument and to read music is between 5 and 9. But that doesn't mean that learning and enjoying music shouldn't start earlier. 

All children enjoy music. And all children benefit from music. When your child is ready for a musical instrument and a more structured musical playground, they will let you know. 

Do they show an interest in music? If you have a child who really responds to music, through dancing or clapping, that’s a sure sign that it’s time to channel that interest. W hen they're ready, we recommend The Right Instrument for Your Child by Atarah Ben-Tovim and Douglas Boyd.

We know the educational and developmental benefits of rhythm and song for children , and the joy to be found in listening to music. As they pass the 3-year mark, their attention span and curiosity are growing, and it is a good time to begin expanding their musical horizons. Children will grow into the physical dexterity needed for complex instruments - the size and manual dexterity for stringed instruments, and the breathing control for brass and woodwind instruments.

From 3 upwards, before they are ready for these instruments, we can introduce children to music playing AND reading with Soundbops. It's a real instrument that is easy for small hands to play, and a system designed by educators to teach the basic building blocks of music. Your child can get a head-start in music in a rich musical environment setting the foundations for learning instruments. Soundbops can show them how to follow a beat, sing and play songs, explore different instruments, music improvisation and identify basic note reading and rhythmic patterns.

 Instrument Starting Age
Soundbops 3 and up


Violin 4-5
Drums 7 and up
Saxophone 7-8
Guitar 7-9
Trumpet 8-10

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