We're featured in The Independent Gift Guide

We're featured in The Independent Gift Guide

We're featured in The Independent Gift Guide

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"Selecting a toy for your child is no easy feat; you want something imaginative, inspiring to look at, educational and creative, built to last, and something that can be passed on, or dare we say it, even shared with siblings.

We also believe that a good toy shouldn’t be a five-minute wonder, it should be cherished and become a long-term companion.

The Soundbops starter pack

Creating a toy that masks education with fun is no easy feat, but the talented team over at Soundbops have quite frankly hit the high note with this musical gadget. Our four-year-old reviewer, who is yet to show much of an appetite for music, soon got herself acquainted with the high-tech board. Scrolling through the 10 musical instruments, which showcase all the popular choices from guitar to saxophone, our little tester was soon playing a slightly slower rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” that she had learned from the book

Designed for those aged three to nine (although we think the perfect age is around five to eight-years-old), in the sturdy case you’ll get the board, 12 stacking bops and your first Soundbops music book, you’ll just need to provide four AA batteries to get started. The bops are what take this musical toy up a bar (literally), as each has a different note allowing you to build a chord as you stack them.

For young musicians, creative play will also help them with colours, letters and number recognition and the book does make learning fun and easy to digest, plus there’s also a free app for more in depth tutoring. A fabulous introduction into the wonderful world of music, parents will also be pleased to know there’s a headphone socket and adjustable volume switch for when jamming sessions reign.

Rebecca Moore, The Independent, 2nd December 2020