How children can engage with music

How children can engage with music



Spotify or other streaming services allow children to engage in all types of music. The best part about streaming services is that you are not limited to genre, artists or even decade. Children can explore not just music made for children but 1920s music, blues, jazz or anything even their parents old rock albums! There are many existing playlists for children to use or you can make your own. If you have just seen a film, go listen to the soundtrack. The wide range of songs will widen the child’s musical horizons and minimise the annoying songs parents must listen to on repeat!




YouTube has the same wide range of songs as streaming services. What is great about YouTube for music is that it is so much more than just songs. Children can watch live music concerts, old concerts, videos about certain instruments and music tuition videos. The videos can be much more engaging than just audio which is great for younger children. The video suggestions are excellent and allow the child to easily explore new related music. Children have already grown up on YouTube but with a parent’s guidance and suggestions they easily explore and engage with various aspects of music.




Engaging with music online is brilliant. However, experiencing music live can be a more fulfilling experience. Introducing a child to live music early on can create a strong impression on them. Concerts are normally reserved for adults and can be very loud for children. Live music does not need to be a large concert, your child can take in a talented busker, attend an open aired musical event in a park or a smaller musical, pantomime or show.  



A child can interact and play with many musical instruments or interfaces. Musical instruments are hard to play for a child and products like ours (Soundbops) make creating and playing music more intuitive and engaging for the child. Interacting with an instrument on a basic level, plucking the strings on a guitar, hitting the keys on a piano can be a stimulating experience for a child. A great way to explore would be to go to a music shop and play every type of instrument.


Create your own instrument

If you do not have access to instruments, homemade instruments are fun substitutes. Making the instrument yourself adds a new creative dynamic. It can be anything that makes music, you can create a completely new instrument! Rice in a jar, pots, pans and boxes make excellent percussion sounds. Use a ruler on the end of a table and let it vibrate.  Blow over the top of glass bottles with different levels of water to make new sounds! Create a family band!



One of the simplest ways to engage with music is through singing as there is nothing additional that is needed – just your voice. Try singing along with favourite songs or make your own sing. Use YouTube for a fun karaoke party. Encourage children to join the school choir. Most adults do not get to experience the joy of singing as they feel they cannot sing. By introducing children early to singing they can build their confidence for later life.



There are various musical apps and games that children can play including garage band to engage easily with music. There are lots of options, sounds and ways to interact but children are still staring at a screen. We feel music should be more physical.


Music helps children’s concentration and creativity. Engaging children with music is much easier with these methods.