@girlaboutgloucestershire tested Soundbops for us...

Jaxon enjoying Soundbops
Jaxon was sent this fantastic starter kit from @soundbops 🎶
Soundbops uses an intuitive play-by-colours design, simple and fun with super fast results...just what's needed to encourage learning to read and understand music. 
I must admit, I was dubious about trying this and thought it would be a two minute wonder then left gathering dust chucked under the bed or something. How wrong I was!! Jaxon loves it, as do we, and I'm so excited to watch his journey with this.👌
Jaxon's never played a proper instrument before and my husband and I are not musical at all so I wasn't sure how we'd all get on with this but figured we were ideal testers to give some honest feedback!
Sooooo, when your 5 year old starts with the first couple of pages of the Soundbops book and independently plays Hot Cross Buns in less than five minutes with a huge smile on his face - you know this product is AMAZING and feel bad at having doubted it! He was so keen to go ploughing through the first work book to learn more songs...so engaged and proud of himself. Soundbops is fun and educational, just perfect. 🌟
Well done Soundbops...what a top idea you have...we are super pleased to be involved in helping shout about you!
Keep an eye on our grid as we will be posting more photos and videos to introduce you to this fab product.

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