6 important life skills learning gained from learning music at a young age

6 important life skills learning gained from learning music at a young age

Your probably aware that learning music from a young age can help children to be more creative. But did you know that it can also help with the cognitive and social development too?


Learning music from a young age can help your child to develop some key life skills that will help them in later childhood and on into the rest of their lives.


Below is a list of 6 important life skills that learning music from a young age will help your child to develop



Music is magical! It is an engaging, exciting and rewarding experience. When your child first makes interesting sounds, it is simple fun. To then explore, experiment and develop these sounds into different little tunes is engrossing. To master and play your final creation to the world is incredibly satisfying.


Team work

Music is collaborative. Your child playing on their own is fun but playing together with other people is truly wonderful. This could be as simple as singing together, clapping in time together or bringing together different sounds. The group dynamic develops your child’s social skills. The creative dynamic develops your child’s collaborative and team work skills. Producing a creative output from a group is hard even for adults, if your child is introduced to this early and in a fun environment the skills they develop can be transferred and grown for endless situations when they are older.



Creating the sounds your child wants in the order and timing they want requires a level of physical skill and coordination. This physical interaction can control different aspects of the sounds and more control allows more opportunity for creativity and different effects. Dexterity will be an important skill for your child especially if they want to take up certain professions including medical in later life. Growing this skill in an enjoyable way is the easiest way to improve it.



Playing music is not automatic. For a child to play their desired composition it takes a lot of concentration and practise. It will not sound perfect the first time. Concentration is especially needed when playing as a group as your child will need to both play their own music and listen to others music. Developing your child’s concentration and resilience will help their education as these skills can be transferred to other subjects and classes as well as later life.  



Music is incredibly creative. There are endless ways to play with infinite sounds and possibilities. Music can really be anything and that freedom enables truly free inventiveness. Your child does not yet have the creative block caused by fear of failure that adults have. They luckily have not learned what the world sees as “good” or “bad” art yet. This way of thinking, which is purer the younger your child is, should be treasured and grown to enable them to create truly amazing things.   




Playing a piece of music to yourself or others is very satisfying and rewarding. It builds up a lot of confidence both in your ability and sharing and communicating with others. Your child loves to sing and this should be encouraged. When we grow up the majority of us say we cannot sing and do not get to participate in the joy of music. This is a terrible shame. If your child’s confidence of music and singing is built up when younger they can continue to enjoy this through later life as well as being generally more confident.  



Music is incredibly beneficial to your child and can help them develop many important life skills that have been discussed. However, it is hard to engage your child in music as traditional instruments are not suitable and hard to play.


Soundbops enables music learning for your child by making music easier and more fun! We have created music building blocks that engage with your child and allow them to play, create, learn and love music. Your child can experiment and explore with the blocks and as each block is a different note they will know where the sound is coming from and grow their musical knowledge and understanding.